Dear 2014,

You were a year with a number of life stressors which put my husband and me dangerously high on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.  Although in the midst of this, I realize the heightened importance of using the gift of gratitude to combat cynicism and protect my joy.  Among the dross that you held, stood out some wonderful moments, perspectives and opportunities for which I am deeply grateful.  For you, 2014, I am grateful…

…for being reminded at this conference that I can live out my life as a well written story!

gratitude 2014

For flying through the air with the [not-so] greatest [but-not-half-bad] of ease.

Cassie_Trapeze_gratitude 2014

For time spent with friends, whether perusing bookstores, drinking coffee, or square-dancing in our community.

Cassie and Kelly 2014

…And for quality time with their new-to-the world offspring.

Cassie with Hadley 2014

For celebrating 5 years of marriage to man who still makes me giddy inside.

Brian and Cassie 2014_3

…and turning a year older while exploring new places.

Birthday in Palm Springs

For a husband who arranges to have me shown around Los Angeles by Nellie Oleson herself!

Hollywood with Nellie

For the continued good fortune of making money doing what I love to do!

recording for session

…and further good fortune of working two semesters with Taylor Students who amaze me every day with their remarkable talent and character.

TU Students 2014

For being my age and yet still able to get pregnant…. twice… with relative ease!  (goal if there is a next time:  staying pregnant)

2014 BBPics

For commemorating 10 years in a quirky city where even fast food establishments require signs like this

Only in LA

…and where people learn how to fly-fish on concrete.

Fly Fishing LA Style

For a neighborhood where the traffic occasionally looks like this:


For friends who believe that birthday parties aren’t just for humans.

Tucker Swimming

For seeing a flower that rarely blooms and is named “Corpse Flower” for its less-than-floral scent.

Corpse Flower

For celebrating my parents 50th anniversary!

Mom and Dad

…and celebrating that anniversary by sharing adventures in Texas together as a family.

Zipline in Texas

For extended time with family at Christmas and the many reminders there of what is really important.


Thank you 2014 for the gift you were.  I am grateful and blessed.  

“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”

– Albert Clarke

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  1. Well done, Babydoll. I loved your memory treasures! The pictures are great. Love the one with you and Carrie! (My beautiful girls)

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