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40s are the new 20s

Getting and Sustaining My Pregnancy Over 40*

*DISCLAIMER:  Do I even need to offer this disclaimer that I am in no way a doctor or an expert of any sort?  This is only my own experience, so please discuss any suggestions with your own doctor first. Getting and sustaining this pregnancy had very little, if anything, to do with my own actions; but […]

[Pregnancy] Survivors Guilt

*This post was first written in July 2016, when my daughter was 11 weeks old. I’m excited to start a small series of posts about my pregnancy, delivery, and early days with [my now 11 weeks old*] Sarah Anne. But first… Let me get this post out of the way first, because, to be honest; I […]

AND Sunday is Coming: Reflecting on Redemption

(why a simple conjunction word makes all the difference) Good Friday of 2014 I was in the hospital for surgery to remove the fetus from my womb who had passed away few weeks earlier. At the time, with all the irony of the religious season, I compared it to being a living Tomb, one that would […]

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Ordinary-extraordinary Pottery

A Reflection on Romans 9:20-21 Recently, a friend who learned of our challenges in 2014 encouraged me to read Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty.  While I am enjoying the book a great deal, the verses at the end of the chapters offer a whole additional element to my savoring of the story.  […]

A Letter of Gratitude to 2014

Dear 2014, You were a year with a number of life stressors which put my husband and me dangerously high on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.  Although in the midst of this, I realize the heightened importance of using the gift of gratitude to combat cynicism and protect my joy.  Among the dross that […]